Urban Boundary-layer Atmosphere Network .
Photo downtown looking east: Hotelli Torni to cathedral. (Taken 27-April-2012.)

The Network

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland (northern Europe). For a summary, see our overview poster. Here is a brief list of our observations of Helsinki's boundary-layer atmosphere:

Related model developments

Beyond the core observational network, modelling will help to understand Helsinki's ABL. Further, we expect that some models might be improved as a result of analysis of data from Helsinki UrBAN. Examples of relevant models at FMI and UoH:

Collaborations and data sharing:

In principle, we would be happy to jointly work with other researchers or end-users. We do not currently have a formal data policy.
Please contact Curtis Wood or Leena Järvi (and we can discuss via email, and/or forward your email to other relevant people), if you would like to: (i) use our data, (ii) collaborate, (iii) bring yourself to Helsinki, or (iv) bring your equipment to Helsinki.

For observations:

Some sites and equipment:

This work has been supported by many funding sources:
(i) direct funding from Finnish Meteorological Institute; (ii) the EC FP7 ERC Grant No. 227915 "Atmospheric planetary boundary layers physics, modelling and role in Earth system"; (iii) Finnish Acadamy grants; and (iv) other sources.