Trial campaign 2015 in Kumpula, Helsinki, Finland.

Prototype of a wireless sensor network for the monitoring of local meteorology

FMI project name "Integrated monitoring and forecasting system for local weather and microclimate"
(ERC Proof of Concept Grant 2013 Part B, INMOST)

The idea is to design a system for monitoring and prediction of detailed local weather and microclimate.



    Radiotechnologies-NN Ltd (Wireless Networks Labs).
    Director: Dmitry G. Stroganov
    Address: 603022, pr. Gagarina 23, building 8, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
    Contacts in the company:
    1. Alexey Umnov
    2. Dmitry Ragozin
    3. Alexey Kiryushin

    Contacts in FMI:

    1. Sergej Zilitinkevich
    2. Curtis Wood
    3. Svyatoslav Tyuryakov
    4. Hanna Manninen
    See also Helsinki UrBAN